Sunday, April 12, 2015

Making A Change?

Spring is here.
The trees were in bud.
The grass already thick and verdant.
And, here and there,
Patches of wild flowers grew,
Primroses and irises,
Daffodils and red buds. 
                   - Wordsworth

Yes , Spring is here.
Life renews.

I am feeling better every day, almost like my old self.
Yes, I do have to change my life style - slow down, whether I like it or not.

Change is difficult.
We are animals of habits.
But change I must.

I was talking to one of my neighbors, telling him about my ordeal. He asked if my daughters are pressuring me to move into a Senior Living Place. I told him that they have not really pressured me, but I am thinking about it.

Now, I am certainly not the only one facing this "life-changing" decision. Many of my friends, who are my contemporaries, are encountering this same problem.
It is actually a universal problem. A lot of us are getting older, living longer.
But some of us are still well enough to want to have a Life.

My 96 year old friend, Jane, still lives by herself, in her big house. Her children did take her car keys away from her last year though. She is not happy. But she refuses to move.

MY problems is -
I am not ready to be in an assistant living facility, although I don't mind being in a smaller house, or a nice condo.
I do not wish to be with a group of elderly people sitting there waiting to die.
It is not the dying that I have a problem with. It is the living without a Life that bothers me.

But I do think that I am reasonable enough to know that I would make a Change when the time comes, which is not that far away.

Did I mention to you, that I don't make too many long range plans these days? 

But I do still buy green bananas - no more than a small bunch though.