Monday, February 8, 2016

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year to all!

2016 is the Year of the Monkey. 

Persons born under this sign are usually successful in any field they choose, good at making deals, and skilled in business and diplomacy. Decisions are easy; they have plenty of common sense. Monkey people read extensively, remember everything they read, and consequently are well informed. If a monkey person is allowed to pursue his own instinctive course in life, he stands a good chance to becoming famous. However, monkeys tend to talk too much, driving friends away with their overlong explanations and endless chatter. They are sometimes contemptuous of people less gifted than they. Their inclination to appease rather than fight is a predominant characteristic.

My eleven-year-old grandson is a Monkey. We will see how much this applies to him.

According to Chinese legend, Buddha asked all of the world's animals to pay him a visit, promising those who showed up a magnificent gift each. Only twelve animals responded to his call. They came in this order:
           the rat, 
           the ox,
           the tiger,
           the dragon, 
           the snake, 
           the horse, 
           the sheep,
           the monkey, 
           the cock, 
           the dog, 
           and the boar.

Buddha's reward to each was to set aside a full year in honor if each one. The animal year will rotate forever, starting with the rat. The Orient God then decreed that humans born under each sign would have the talents, traits, and flaws of their animal.

My understanding is: the time of the day when the child is born under affects his astrological character.

I am a Dragon.

We Dragons are given the gifts of health, energy, courage, and sensitivity.

The Dragon is said the have these blessings: virtue, harmony, riches, and longevity. Of  all the signs, this one is the most eccentric. Dragon people are susceptible to flattery, excitable, and enormously stubborn.

I will let those who know me to be the judge of all these characteristics!

Happy Chinese New Year To you!