Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Little Poetess

My ten-year old grand-daughter writes poetry. 
Here are some of her poems:

The Ringy-Dings

The Ringy-Dings
Are thingy things
That ding ding ding when they move
And they hover
And they ground.
They really are quite dumber 
And look like a mound.
And what they eat is disgusting.
It smells all musty
And looks all dusty
And is called remusty.
And some are green
And some are mean
And some smell like poop
And some go gloop
And some are in the shape of a hoop.
And they drag around spaghetti
And they stare at parettidetti
Which is funny rigatti
And also a pigati.
And they have Afros made of cloud,
And they are very loud.
They like dingy places
And mingy faces
That are stinky 
And blinky
And they leave trails
Of floating goo.
And they faceplant in rails
And they slime
A trail of blue.
But even if I could I would never ever ever change the amazing 

One Little Dot

One little dot of light
In a sea of night.
One little star in the sky
One little plane flying by
One little speck in the sea
One little dot in the world
That's me!!!!!!!!!! 

The Sun

The sun
It just makes you want to have fun.
It's bright,
It brings light. 


It brings out imagination,
Makes the characters fighting.
You weave a story,
don't make it boring
The hero won glory,
The eagle is soaring.
A mantis sea,
A tiger freed,
A kittens need.
Knights in shinning armour,
A poor old farmer,
A miller.
An assassin, a killer.
Writing is so fun.
You can do it everywhere, any time,
In the sun,
Even in front of a mime!

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